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Hi I’m Natassia Coelho

Self Love | Everyday Style | Totally Awkward

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Who Am I?

I help women who are vulnerable and on a journey of personal expansion whose primary interest is learning to love themselves deeper and embrace the skin they’re in. My content inspires women to use fashion as a form of self-expression to harness their power.

I offer YouTube videos and a podcast where I share my personal self-love journey, as well as tips that encourage these women to embrace their bodies through everyday fashion. Both my YouTube channel and podcast work on developing both inner and outer confidence in order for these women to feel comfortable being their most authentic selves.

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YouTube Channel

Self Love | Everyday Fashion | Self Love

I created my Youtube channel because I wanted to combine two of my biggest passions: self-love and fashion. I want every woman to realize she is beautiful and MAGNIFICENT, regardless of her age or size. I know what it's like to not feel comfortable in your own skin... I also now know what it's like to love myself fully, even with my flaws. I want everyone to experience that kind of love.

I release videos every week on Tuesday's and focus on learning to love your body through experimenting with fashion, as well as tips to remind everyone easy ways to practice self love.

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"There is always something left to love."

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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